Right from hiring quality removalists to move your office furniture, appliances and fragile items- to packing boxes and decluttering your office- it’s easy for your move day selection to slip to the bottom of your important priorities!

But, sorting this one little detail beforehand makes a huge difference in determining whether your move will be easy or stress-full.

Over our tenure of 10 years in helping countless office owners pull off multiple stress-free relocations; there’s one thing we always believe-‘When You Decide to Move is Just as Important As How You Move.’

And having seen so many of our clients go wrong in executing their office move- simply by picking the wrong move day, Stress-Free Furniture Removals serving in Melbourne recommends you to sit down and decide your move day properly.  

So, What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move Your Office?

First and foremost, it is very important to understand that an office move is very different from a home move. Simply because there are more number of furniture, appliances, items, work equipment not to forget records, files and documents deemed important for the company.

Hence, as an owner wanting to relocate seamlessly; you need to give more time in its planning stage.

Now digging into the details: ‘Which Day of the Week to Choose?’

Generally, the best days for office relocation are Monday-Thursday.  You will experience way less demand for professional office furniture removalists, hence making it a cinch to schedule your move day.  There’s a good reason for that too. Most office (even homeowners) plan to execute their move on weekends (especially on Friday & Saturday) when they have an off from work or their kid’s school.

Deciding to move between Monday-Thursday allows you to avoid the rush and in the process, save some money. And once you have settled at your new locale you can use the weekend to unpack, organise and get back in action from the immediate Monday.

Next in line is- ‘What Time Should You Plan Your Office Move?’

Truth be told, the earlier you plan to relocate your office furniture, appliances, equipment and other items, the better! The best time is between 7 am to 9 am.

This is more so if you have a decent-sized office with lots of important items and expensive fittings, fixtures and cabinets. And here are good reasons for that:-

  • The temperature is relatively cooler during the morning.
  • This will give you more time at hand to ensure everything is loaded and ready for the road.
  • Plus, the streets will be not as busy as the later part of the day, thus allowing you to execute your move without going through all the hectic-ness.


Now that you’ve been informed on which day of the week to move along with the right time be sure to Get In Touch With Us and keep us in the loop about your move day.

As your trusted yet cheap-priced office and furniture removalists serving all across Melbourne, we will ensure everything is handled efficiently and quickly.