The answer to this question is – by hiring a professional removalist. Never try relocating antique furniture yourself if you are not an expert. Always hire professionals to have them relocated, as they know the best way to do so. Thus, if you are located in and around Melbourne, the name that you need to opt for, is Stress-Free Furniture Removals. With considerable experience under our belt, we will take whatever steps are necessary to be taken, to ensure that your antique assets are relocated unharmed and unscathed. 

Now the question is, why hiring professional movers makes such a difference? Simply because they know the right way. Here on this write-up, we discuss some of the reasons why hiring a professional removalist in Melbourne, (if you are in and around Melbourne, of course) will make a difference. 

They will start by examining the likely weaker spots:

Since it is all about removing antique assets, our professionals will be extra cautious. Antique furniture, in many cases, tends to have a few weaker spots here and there, regardless of how sparkling new they might appear. Thus, before taking any further step, our professionals will examine the asset(s) thoroughly to find out if there are any weak spots. Once they find them out, they will take extra care while packing and handling them, during the move. This is something that only and only trained and experienced professionals dealing with furniture removals in Essendon or elsewhere will know and can deal with. 

They will never use any oil or wax:

There is a high propensity of people to dust old, antique furniture before the move. Well, there is no harm in dusting, and our professionals might recommend dusting before the move. But being over-enthusiast, some people would use wax or oil before the move to bring back that old sheen. This is something that our professionals (or any) will never recommend. The reason being, waxing and oiling the furniture surfaces will make them slippery, resulting in difficulty in gripping. Rather, they will opt for high-quality packing materials like bubble wrappers, blanket pads, which will, on one hand, protect the furniture from any damage during the move, and on the other hand, make sure that the move does not leave an imprint on the furniture in the form of scratch or drag marks if they are needed to be dragged (then again, professionals will try NOT to drag them, unless absolutely necessary…they will rather lift them.)

They will secure the doors and remove the fragile pieces before the move:

This is something that our professionals will always do while moving an antique door. They will make sure that the doors are all secured shut. They would try to shrink the wrap, to ensure they are tightly closed but will refrain from using tapes. They may also consider removing the door handles and other pieces so that they can be packed in a separate way. 

Lifting….not dragging:

As already mentioned, none of our movers in Essendon would indulge in dragging antique furniture, unless it is absolutely necessary. They would rather lift them up. This will minimise the chance of damage. 

Thus you see, our removalists in Essendon would take all these steps to ensure that your antique furniture is moved seamlessly. And that is where we at Stress-Free Furniture Removals make all the difference. For further details, get in touch with us at 0433 255 649 during our working hours.