Furniture removals can be very difficult as they are delicate objects and are prone to damages. If you are in Melbourne or an adjoining area, you need to call a team of professional packers and movers in Melbourne to accomplish the job safely. However, preparing for the relocation can be a complicated job as well. But by following these tips you can simplify the whole process.

Preparing a List

Getting confused during the prep job is quite common.The reason behind this is you don’t have a list of things that you need to do to make the office relocation hassle-free. So, start by making a list of all the furniture that will be relocated by the office removalists in Melbourne.

A good idea is to start the prep job a couple of days (preferably a month) before the relocation. That way you are getting ample time of completing everything required for the relocation along with sorting the furniture that you wish to move.

Try to avoid planning and preparing at the last minute as it will make things more complicated. 

Selecting the Packing Material

For stress free furniture removals, you need to choose the right material. This will prevent damage to the furniture and will make the process of relocation easier for the removalists.

You need to buy corrugated cardboard that is durable and will protect the furniture during the relocation process. Additionally, it will also be easier for you to label the items after packing. But if you do not find these cardboards, you can use discarded boxes from supermarkets as they are cheap but durable enough to protect the furniture from damage.

Some of the other alternatives that you can use are newspapers, bubble wrap, or any other wrapping paper.

If you are in the suburbs and are not sure about the perfect materials for the packing, you can call some professional removalists in St Kilda to guide you in the process.

Pack the Large Items Efficiently

The large furniture needs to be packed efficiently to prevent damages during the relocation.

To do this, you can apply wax on the furniture which is very effective in preventing scratches on the surface. Next, wrap them with clean sheets or clothes that are devoid of zippers as they can cause damage to the furniture during the removal.Also, try to avoid using masking tapesas they are known to cause damage to wooden furniture.

For the second layer, you can use styrofoam pellets to protect your furniture from the damagescaused by the bumps on the road. These pellets can also prevent the damages that occur from the impacts caused by the sudden braking of the removals truck.For the last layer, you can use thick blankets or wood.Hence, if you are planning for furniture removals in Maidstone, pack your items in this way for a safe relocation.

Labelling the Furniture

Remember that after the relocation you will need to unpack the furniture and place them in their respective locations. But, if you do not label the packed items, it will be difficult for you to understand which one to unpack first.

So, before you call your friendly removalist in Melbourne, do not forget to use markers of varying colours to label the items.

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