Furniture removal has always been a hassle and it’s not something to be done single-handedly. A slight mishandling or improper packing can put the life of your expensive assets at stake and make you repent for a lifetime. Before scheduling your upcoming house relocation, you should always educate yourself with the right techniques and approaches of furniture handling so that you can avoid making these costly blunders. 

  • Not Taking Proper Measurements

When it comes to furniture removals in Essendon, taking proper measurements is a must to make the process seamless and hassle-free. Amateurs who become overwhelmed to move furniture on their own, hoist up huge pieces and move them through cramped doors, without knowing the damages they might end up with. You can avoid the stress of manoeuvring bulk pieces by taking correct measurements a week before the final move-out date. Or else, moving awkward furniture pieces without measuring the dimensions of doors and hallways would lead to distortion upon arrival and invite costly replacements. 

  • Not Hiring Professional Furniture Removalists

Most homeowners consider furniture removal to be a single-handed job and opt for a DIY approach in order to save a couple of bucks. Moving furniture pieces such as bunk beds, sofa sets, cabinets etc .,requires professional skills and hands on expertise. DIY approach as an alternative to hiring furniture removalists in Melbourne often fetches the risk of breakage and eat up significant amount of time. Moreover, packing and loading these bulk furniture pieces on moving trucks becomes challenging and makes relocation a nerve-wracking experience.

  • Not Having a Proper Schedule

Furniture removal requires sufficient time, effort and patience and it’s important to plan the move-out date in advance to avoid the last-hour mess. For amateurs who plunge into furniture removal on their own, fail to realise the importance of planning on time and end up with a chaos at the final hour of move-out. You need to arrange the moving truck, make the base ready and coordinate with the movers in Essendon to ensure they arrive on time. Failing to do so can delay your house removal process and make you repent later.

  • Not Labelling the Boxes

Not everyone is a pro in packing bulk furniture pieces. As and when you load your belongings into moving boxes, you might be tempted to dump things randomly and forget to label them. This can give you endless troubles while locating items upon arrival and make unpacking time-consuming and arduous. You may have a hard time in identifying small pieces such as screws, nuts and bolts and they may likely get lost or broken. Therefore, labelling by removalists in Essendon is a must to make identification of furniture parts and pieces easier and speed up the unpacking process.

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