Moving a piano is not a child’s play. Anyone who has ever done it before might have told you how stressful and tedious the task is in actual. So before you could even think of taking the plunge on your own, what will strike your mind at first is hiring professional piano movers to execute the task safely. This holds true, especially when you need to move the piano down the stairs, load into an elevator or carry in between cramped spaces.                   

If you are up for a relocation and piano removal is giving you nightmares, here are some expert-recommended tips that can make your task a breeze!

Ask the Furniture Removal Company to Send an Efficient Team

Piano removal is not something to be done single-handedly. Piano is a heavy and high-value item; therefore, you should take necessary precautions to ensure your treasured possession reaches the destination safely. Have at least four trained piano removalists to move the item upright. Make sure you value their strenuous effort and do not hesitate to pay the charges they deserve.

Get Yourself the Right Tools & Equipment

Before you opt for professional piano removals, buy heavy-duty straps that can provide a good hold on the instrument. You can even ask for a furniture dolly from the company offering cheap furniture removals in Melbourne to provide structural support to the piano. Straps work well to secure the piano to the furniture dolly and also in a moving truck.

Protect the Keyboard from Damage

The first and foremost step for moving a piano during a long haul relocation is to close and lock the keyboard guard. This will prevent it from opening during the transit. The keys of a piano are fragile and therefore, proper safety measures should be taken to keep them intact. However, if you find it hard to lock the keyboard cover, make sure to close the lid while wrapping your instrument. Try not to use adhesive tapes for closing the lid as this might damage the lustrous shine of the wooden surface.     

Wrap Your Instrument with Sufficient Padding All-Around

To secure your piano from all sides, you can use blankets or thick padding that can keep your treasured belonging safe and make it capable of withstanding heavy shocks or jerks during the transit. Make sure the edges and corners aren’t exposed and the padding is thick enough to keep the piano safe from any bump that may take place during the journey.

Secure it Tightly in the Moving Truck for a Safe Move

Furniture removalists in Melbourne know the right techniques to load a piano and usually place it at the back of the moving truck. The wall separating the truck’s interior from the cargo space is the best place to load and unload a piano. Most piano removalists recommend using wooden planks to ensure the level of flooring is even and in line with the surface of the truck.

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