Moving house is always arduous and time-consuming and the stress becomes double while moving during pregnancy. The physical, mental and emotional changes that your body undergoes at this time can further complicate the process and make your house removals tedious.

By following some practical tips, you can make your move easier and hassle-free during pregnancy.

  • Plan Your Move Early

House removal isn’t an easy undertake and requires thorough planning. From sorting household belongings to securing them in cartons to final loading in moving trucks, it takes a lot of effort, time and patience to make a successful move. While regular house removals require planning of a week or two in advance, moving during pregnancy requires planning a month earlier the final date of move-out. You can get sufficient time to reduce your physical discomfort and be prepared both mentally and physically to endure the change.

  • Seek More Help than Usual

Moving during pregnancy fetches its own set of risks and therefore, you can seek assistance from professional home movers in Melbourne to make house removals a breeze. Prepare a rough estimate of the packing supplies you need and get your boxes ready in hand to secure your belongings according to their nature and type. Running short of your packing supplies can create mess at the end hour and fetch high risk of potential injuries. Ask your close friends to assist you during the packing process and try to collect extra materials to ensure you don’t face shortage of stuff you need.

  • Lift and Bend Carefully

During pregnancy, your hormone level increases and loosens the ligaments. This greatly affects your postural changes and triggers the potential of injuries. Some common pregnancy injuries include back problems, chronic joint issues, lymphatic dysfunction etc., Lifting from lower back with arms stretched fetches high risk of spinal disorders. Therefore, removalists in Brighton & Brunswick suggest being cautious while lifting items and try to avoid bending as far as practicable.

  • Be Careful While Using Stairs

Using stairs to move furniture pieces and bulk items during pregnancy is a big NO as it fetches risk of falling or slipping. Lifting heavy items such as table, chairs, cabinets isn’t a job of a layman and require professional help. Moreover, when it comes to pregnancy, you should highly avoid rush and walk slowly and carefully. Professionals offering home removal in Melbourne always recommend would-be mothers to wear shoes with proper support and grip to avoid tripping off the floor.

  • Hire a Professional Removal Company

During pregnancy, your body undergoes several hormonal changes and moving creates further trouble and mess. Preparing a checklist, packing and sorting household belongings in cartons and loading them into moving trucks require strenuous effort and attention to detail and undertaking the job while being pregnant can fetch you drastic consequences. The best way to plan a stress-free move during pregnancy is by hiring a professional furniture removal company. Packers and movers in Melbourne undergo rigorous training to lift heavy items with care and save you from potential injuries during pregnancy.

At Stress Free Furniture Removals, we comprise of a team of skilled, trained and professional furniture removalists who make house removals a breeze using cutting-edge skills, tools and equipment.  Whether it’s home or office removals, we undertake the job with care and ensure zero-damage during transit. Get in touch with us and make your move a breeze.