Winter is almost here – but there is still a hint of rain in the air, at least what the met office would say. Thus, if you have plans to move, you have tasks cut out. Don’t think much and hire a seasoned removalist company in Brunswick that has been in the business for years. What better name can you opt for than, Stress Free Furniture Removals? When it comes to moving during rain, we follow certain specific steps or procedures to ensure that none of your assets is affected and damaged by the rainwater. Here they are for your perusal.

We use hard waterproof boxes

While moving during rain or if there is a forecast of rain on the day of the move, we use high-quality packing boxes that are not affected easily by rainwater. Our removalists in Sunbury would use extra wrappers to wrap up the boxes entirely to provide extra protection against rain. When it comes to packing electronic and electrical equipment we take extra care, opting for high-quality waterproof boxes and then covering the box thoroughly with wrappers, including the bubble wrappers to ensure no water sneaks in. 

Shorten the distance

This is a simple, yet extremely important step that our removalists take. We would reduce the distance between the home and the position of our truck as much as possible, to reduce the exposure of your assets to rain as much as possible (assuming it’s pouring cats and dogs). Also, for moving heavy furniture, our furniture removalists in Melbourne would use trolleys and then the sliders that lead up to the vehicle, so that the heavier stuff can be quickly slid up into the vehicle with minimal fuss.

We prepare makeshift, temporary mats

We would put into test our prowess of improvisation to prepare makeshift mats out of anything and lay it out on the floor so that the mud and water of the boots are soaked, leaving the floor more or less dry. This has a two-pronged advantage. One, it will minimise mess and secondly, it will minimise the probability of slips thus, minimising the chance of mishaps and damage of your assets.

We prioritise items

This is another routine exercise that we follow when we move in the rain. We would prioritise items on move. We will deal with smaller stuff at first, taking them to the vehicle and safeguarding them from the rain. Then, with the help of as many pairs of hands as needed our removalists in Melbourne will deal with the larger stuff and get them into the truck by using appropriate measures.

We set us an assembly line

When it rains, we put more of our men at work. They will set up an assembly line from the home to the truck so that it becomes easy to deliver the assets to the truck and they do not have to trek between the truck and your home. But then, our men use it appropriately to guard against the rain to stay dry and keep your assets sry as well.

So that is what we do at Stress-Free Furniture Removals when it comes to moving in the rain. For further details, call us on 0433 255 649 during our office hours.